Portable Power -  Energy converter

Robust heat powered portable micro generator.

Simple, on-demand and clean electricity from nothing more than the heat around you.

Proving power can be simple, energy is all around us and anyone can harness it.

Power for all situations


A pocket-size, lightweight, minimal design, to provide a direct “trickle charge” for smartphones from low heat.


With a larger heat range (including direct flames) and higher energy capacity, this version is capable of direct charging and storing energy, like a generator and battery pack.

Intuitive and clear


Just like a heart, this needs heat flowing through it to work. As heat flows through the device, it lights up with heat reactive materials.


Going from a dark black, inactive state, to a bright green/blue, active state, generating clean electricity. 

No power wasted

Using colour changing materials makes sure no energy generated is wasted on lights or screens indicating an ON/OFF state.

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