My Name is

Connor Musoke-Jones. (CM-J)

Why do I love design 

The "things" we use every day define who we are and the effect we can have in the world.

I believe I owe it to the world to make sure that more of these "things" make life better, for all life.

Creating Products with soul can help us be more attuned and aware of our affects and interactions with the world, ourselves and each other. Bringing more vibrancy to our lives and experiences.

How did I get here

Who I am NOW is only a result of everything that I was before.


When I was a child I wanted to be an Inventor. But I did not like school, so, I spent most of my youth drawing my own creations. My school Maths books had no numbers in them. Instead, they were filled with intricate pencil drawings of wings, machines, plants, eyes and other objects that fascinated me.

I knew I wanted to spend my life creating things. But I had no idea how that urge could translate into an "adult job". Then towards the end of my Secondary school life I found that being an inventor was still a job in the 21st century, but now they called themselves "designers".

When I found this out I changed school so I could study design full-time.


6 years of focused design education

In 2013 I started studying a Level 3 BTEC (equal to 3 A-Levels) in 3D design for 2 years at Kingston college.

By mid-2019 I completed a 4 year Bachelors of Arts degree, with honours (a year in the industry), in Industrial Product Design and Technology from Brunel University London.


The real world

After graduating from Brunel I spent 3 months teaching S.T.E.M. to 1,360+ kids aged 5-17. Building bridges from chocolates, programming self-driving robots and, hopefully, inspiring a passion for S.T.E.M.

I loved teaching and I was lucky enough to be offered a Job teaching S.T.E.M. in a school in Nantong (南通市) China, starting in February 2020. This is where things got complicated.



So, I didn’t go to China (for obvious reasons) and instead, I moved back home (to help my family) and focused on a company I started during University. TruRegard focused on making door handles for people with arthritis. During the UK's 1st lockdown I completed a new design and arranged a new manufacturing system that would not be reliant on Chinese manufacturers. After the new product was set up and in stores, it became more of a "side hustle". I was looking for more work to learn about the industry but Design work was hard to come by due to COVID-19 and the freelance projects I had were not steady enough.


So, I got myself a job working in a COVID Hospital, cleaning. It was inspiring to be a part of the health care system at such a critical time. While working in the hospital I got first-hand experience of the effects great or poorly designed products can have. I saw that places and products with soul and vibrancy can, at best, save lives, at worst, can cost the earth a huge price for a devastating result. I continued to work on my own projects, inspired by what I saw in the hospital to make "Products With Souls."



In April 2021 I left the hospital to re-focus on my design work. I'm now committed to finding the work that helps in Creating things with soul that can help us be more attuned and aware of our interactions with the world, ourselves and each other. Bringing more vibrancy to our lives and experiences.


If that mission resonates with you, we should talk.